Medical Animations & Illustrations

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The medical illustrations on this page are examples of the details the attorneys at the Law Offices of William Cafaro prepare for jury presentations.

Medical Animations

Medical Illustrations

Normal Anatomy of Leg
Right below knee amputation
Severe crush injury to right lower extremity
Displaced, comminuted subtrochateric left femur fracture
Open reduction and internal fixation of displacement
Right knee lateral meniscus tear
Partial Right Arm Amputation
Completion of Right Arm Amputation
Postoperative of Femur Fracture
Gangrene of the right foot fourth and fifth digits secondary to crush injury
Triple arthrodesis, right hind foot for subtalor arthritis
Post triple arthrodesis, right hindfoot.
Bohler's Angle Illustrated Deformation from Calcaneal Fracture
Post-Op X-Rays - Bilateral Calcaneal Fractures
Post traumatic arthritis, right hindfoot
Right foot comminuted calcaneous fracture
Post L3 through L5 posterior lumbar fusion with pedicle screw and rod fixation
Preoperative CT
Preoperative MRI
Compression Fracture of body of the L4 Lumbar Vertebra
Lumbar MRI - L1-2 disc bulge with left facet hypertrophy
MRI comparison - L3-4 and L4-5 bulges
Right L4-5 disc herniation with compression of right L4 and L5 nerve roots
L3-4 and L4-5 bulges. L5-S1 right-sided disc protrusion
Displaced Barton's volar type disal left wrist radius fracture
Intraarticular left Distal Radius Fracture
Displaced Barton’s solar type distal left wrist radius fracture
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