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At the Law Offices of William Cafaro, we focus our practice on two primary areas of law, plaintiff’s employment and personal injury law. We represent clients throughout the New York City Metro area.


$44,210,000 Verdict

Construction Accident, Wrongful Death – Est. of Doreen Browne v. The City of New York, et al. Bronx County Supreme Court Index No. 18285/94 J. Louis Benza – Verdict Rendered 9/11/00.

A brick wall down the block from premises under renovation collapsed and killed the plaintiff, a 63 year old home attendant, walking along the sidewalk.

$4,800,000 Settlement

During Trial – Products Liability – Negligence – Maintenance of Industrial Machinery – Reinaldo Melendez-Natal v. Maren Engineering, et al. – Supreme Court New York County Index Nos. 102862/04 and 102190/06, J. Shirley Werner Korneich – Settlement 1/30/08, after the first day of trial.

Plaintiff, a 50 year old Spanish speaking porter in a Gristedes supermarket, and an employee of Namdor Corporation, slipped while working and his arm went into a baling machine used to crush the cardboard boxes into neat wired bales. When his arm went into the machine, the ram, which is the part of the machine which actually crushes the boxes, caught his arm on the upstroke, crushing and degloving it to the point where amputation was required at the shoulder level.

$14,000,000 Verdict

Construction Accident – Labor Law – Negligence – Paul Barraco v. et al. New York County Supreme Court Index Nos. 112247/99 590688/00 J. Karen S. Smith – Verdict Rendered 5/5/06.

Plaintiff, a 35 year old construction foreman, was walking on a sidewalk bridge which collapsed, falling approximately 8 feet onto his heels, sustaining severe bilateral calcaneus fractures. He later developed low back symptoms as a result of antalgic gait.

$4,500,000 Settlement

Fall from Ladder – Labor Law § 240(1), Thomas Smith v. Cari, LLC, Supreme Court, Kings County Index No. 8697/05.

Plaintiff, a 42 year old fire sprinkler mechanic, was making a repair to a gravity tank on the roof of a building when the loops at the top of the ladder he was climbing came out from the tank, causing him to fall and sustain bilateral calcaneus fractures with operative reductions.

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With a concentration on employment law cases, the firm represents individual employees and collectives (groups of workers) under the Fair Labor Standards Act and handles Class Actions for larger groups of employees in the following areas:


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Bill Cafaro is a respected veteran trial lawyer with a proven track record. In order to maintain high quality and client satisfaction, the firm is extremely selective about the injury and medical malpractice cases we will accept.









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The attorneys at the Law Offices of William Cafaro take pride in our total focus on litigation at hand. Blending extensive experience with aggressive litigation tactics, our staff is geared to total client interaction, litigation preparation and execution and trial preparation and presentation.

Because seeing is truly believing, jurors need visual aids to appreciate the gravity of the injuries, so painstaking effort is taken to develop elaborate medical illustrations and animations. We use in-house staff for the courtroom presentation of medical illustrations and animations to the jury.

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Our attorneys research all available options for presenting and executing your case in any litigation. Whenever the case circumstances allow, our legal team explores different theories of future lost wages, economic loss and future medical expenses in the interest of maximizing the recovery.

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At the Law Offices of William Cafaro, we believe there is no substitute for the old-fashioned hard work that it takes to prepare the best possible settlement presentation and litigation execution. Ultimately, all aspects of each case are geared to trial presentation, which we believe is the only path to just compensation, whether a case ends in a settlement or verdict.

“If you are one of the bottom 99% of the workforce and find yourself at the mercy of the 1%, who own and manage businesses, it is our law firm’s mission to represent you and protect your legal rights. We understand how easy it is for the powerful to take advantage of the little guy. When you need legal help to resolve a troubling employment issue, we are here for you. We are experienced trial lawyers who take pride in fighting for our clients.”  ~ Bill Cafaro

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