I Did a Job for a Company but They Just Refuse to Pay. I’d Like to Sue Them, But I Would Have to Pay a Lawyer is More Than the Amount Involved.

This Happens Far Too Often and I’m Fed Up With It. Is There Anything I Can Do?

Yes – There’s Some Good News For You on the Horizon. Fortunately, NY City has now passed a law called the “Freelance Isn’t Free Act” which gives freelancers a lot of the same protections that employees have.

What Benefit Can I Really Get?

You have the right to double damages – This means $2 for every $1 you are owed. You also have the right to have the Company pay Your Attorney’s Fees and Costs.

What Other Rights Am I Entitled To?

You Have the Right to a Written Contract that says i) How much you will be paid; ii) What Work is Covered by the Contract; and iii) When You are Entitled to be Paid, but you do have to ask for a contract.

But If I Sue, the Company Won’t Give Me Any More Work. What about that?

The new law includes a provision against retaliation – This means that if there was a pattern of giving you work like this and it stops when you sue, you can sue for the future work that the Company would have given to you as well.

When does this go into effect?

   The new law goes into effect on May 16, 2017.