I’m working for the Minimum Wage and I heard it’s going up in 2017. Is this true?

  • Good News: The Answer is YES. The New York State minimum wage is Going Up.

How much is it going up by?

  • It Depends on i) Where you Work ii) the Size of the Business You Work For and iii) the Kind of Business You Work in. If you Work in NYC at a business that has 11 Employees or More, your minimum wage generally went up to $11.00 per hour as of the beginning of 2017.

What if there are less than 11 employees where I work?

  • Generally, as long as you work in New York City, your minimum wage cannot be less than $10.50 in 2017.

What if I work in a fast food restaurant?

  • Lucky You – Your Minimum Wage just went up to $12.00 in the City, and $11.75 in the rest of the state. Remember though, that this only applies to fast food chains that have at least 30 restaurants associated with the same brand.

What if I don’t work in New York City?

  • In the surrounding suburbs, (Nassau,Suffolk and Westchester), the minimum wage went up to $10.00 per hour in 2017.

What if I don’t work in any of the places listed above?

  • The minimum wage in the rest of New York State went up to $9.70.

How long will these minimum wages stay the same?

  • Good News again – All of them are going up every year for a while.


I get tips. Did my minimum wage for food service workers (restaurant house pay) go up for 2017?

  • No. It is still $7.50, but will be going up next year.

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